Aria Diva

1415 lux
Bulb Type: 
Light Color: 
Warm White
Optional Full Range
Wall Power: 
Battery Power: 
Not Supported
Number of LEDs: 
Power Used: 
4.0 watts
Hot Surface: 
Shields Audience: 
Number of Clips: 
Max. Lip Thickness: 
0.45 in
Cord Length: 
9 ft
Lights per Power Strip: 
Number of Batteries: 
Web Site: 


I'm not surprise this light comes out on top. I've really enjoyed my Aria Diva. The thing is bright enough for me to see both when I play gigs and practice. I don't see as well as I did when I was 25, but I'm able to see the music much better now. Hopefully someday I'll be able to "upgrade" to the rechargeable Brio version. I've told a number of my adult students about these Aria Lights, and some of them have bought them.

Yeah, I think I saw these on stage with the Boston Pops - I'm pretty sure they use this kind. Thinking about getting one for my sister...

Man, you can see the whole page on the stand... down to the lower corners and it's really bright. Get the dimmer rheostat for it to adjust the lighting to perfection! Playing in big bands sometimes you have to setup quick and get out quick... no light bulb to worry about breaking in transit/pack up. The customer support is amazing. Had a small issue with the transformer and a replacement one was sent out the same business day as the email to them. More expensive than some...yeah, but totally worth it.. you wont get another one....other than maybe the battery powered one for those gigs where there is no power nearby.

I love telling all my musical friends about these Aria Lights because they are fantastic!!!

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