Aria Brio

1420 lux
Bulb Type: 
Light Color: 
Warm White
Full Range
Wall Power: 
Battery Power: 
Number of LEDs: 
Power Used: 
4.0 watts
Hot Surface: 
Shields Audience: 
Number of Clips: 
Max. Lip Thickness: 
0.45 in
Cord Length: 
12 ft
Lights per Power Strip: 
Battery Type: 
Number of Batteries: 
Run Time (full brightness): 
3.4 hrs
Recharge Time (from empty): 
12.5 hrs
Web Site: 


I had been searching for a light that lights up my music well, since I'm getting older and seem to never have enough light. I had a might bright antenna-looking light, but it really doesn't do much in a dark room. A friend recommended the Aria Brio light to me, and I am really glad she did. The thing is really bright. Plus, I like being able to dim it, since sometimes my music is the brightest thing in the room (and it's not always good to stand out). I leave it plugged in at home in my studio and then it's always charged for my gigs. They are right, it's longer than most other lights, so you need a bag for it. But it is so worth it to carry it. Now I think I'm their best salesperson because other musicians always want to know where I got it. I just wish I found it sooner.

I saw that the Aria Brio got a lot of five-star reviews on Amazon and so I thought I'd pick one up. Really bright, so bright that the dimmer sometimes comes in handy. But the best part is it gets to the bottom of the page without being so blinding at the top. I forgot mine one day and they gave me a bulb light. I had forgotten what a difference the Brio made. The other brass players in the section each went out and bought one after they saw mine. It was that or stay jealous. Best purchase I've ever made.

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