Disposable Battery Lights

by brightness

Lampcraft GigLight Max

Lampcraft Giglight Max

With a creatively compact design, the Lampcraft Giglight Max is a solid performer which folds to about the size of a paperback book for transportation and storage. The arm provides a wide range of positions for the light. Its most interesting feature are the two LEDs which can be pivoted …

808 lux
Manhasset 1050

Manhasset LED Lamp II

Manhasset replaced their rechargeable model 1050 with the 1060, also known as LED Lamp II, which removes the rechargeable capability and uses three AA batteries instead. Designed by Manhasset to fit their stands, this light is priced affordably. Two clips provide excellent stability, but do not accommodate stand desks any …

745 lux
MightyBright Duet 2

Mighty Bright Duet 2

This battery-operated light is light and portable. Each arm has two LEDs which can be individually illuminated for two brightness levels. The pushbutton control on each arm for power is convenient, but can easily turn the light on during transport in a bag. It doesn’t ship with batteries, but does …

110 lux